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The target of 21blackjack is fairly uncomplicated: to acquire a count which is higher than that of the dealer, and which doesn`t go over twenty-one. Even when additional people are present at the bj table, the dealer is your only adversary in the game.

Understanding at what time to hit, at what time to stand, at what time to split your hand, when to double it down, at what time to surrender or when to use insurance forms the "Basic Strategy" of bjgame. Despite the title, there`s nothing basic regarding it - it is a set of rules worked out by comprehensive statistical analysis. For every combination of cards the webblackjack strategy suggests the move that will yield the highest chance of earning money over the long term.

The most crucial deciding issue for the 21blackjack strategy with a given hand is the dealer`s up card, therefore look at it first.

Every hand with a count of 11 or lower might be hit safely without exceeding 21. Therefore all the time hit each hand of eleven or less points. However sometimes these hands should be split or doubled down on.

In addition keep in mind that if you are dealt an ace, you can use it as a 1 or 11 value card and you are able to change the value during the onlineb-jack play.

Don`t hit a hand which has a total of 17 points or more. The only exception to this law is a "soft seventeen" in which an ace card is included and it has been counted as 11 in order to create the total.

Hitting and Standing during a 21-bj game:

The basic hitting and standing strategy is:
Hit each hand less than twelve
Stand on any hand with a value more than 16

When you have twelve-sixteen you are supposed to either:
Hit when the dealer`s displayed card is between seven and Ace (eleven).
Stand in case the dealer`s up card is less than 7

Hitting and Standing when you have Soft Totals:

Soft sums are created out of an ace in addition to another value card(s). (As you recall, an Ace may be tallied as one or eleven.)

If you hold an ace in your hand but you don`t have a ten value card:
Hit when the soft sum is 17 or less
Double when the soft count is 17 or less and the dealer is showing a four or five
Stand if you have a soft total of 19 or 20

Doubling Down:
We covered the doubling down strategy in the event of a soft count in the previous section. The onlineblack-j fundamental strategy for deciding to double down is supposed to be:
Don`t ever double in case your hand totals less than eight
Always double down when you have eleven
In case you hold ten, double down in case the dealer is presenting two to nine.

The basic tips for splitting are:
In any case split eights and Aces
Do not ever split fours, fives and also ten value cards

The 21blackjack Basic Strategy is most valuable when you stick to all of the laws and tips punctiliously and constantly.

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